//The radar water level gauge ZERO100RL

The radar water level gauge ZERO100RL

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2018)

The radar water level gauge is an advanced water level measuring instrument. The maximum distance can be up to 70 meters. The antenna is further optimized, and the new fast microprocessor can carry out high rate signal analysis processing, making the instrument can be used in very complex measurement conditions.


The new water level gauge of Zero Instrument China is widely used in water level monitoring of river, river, sea and reservoir.


Engineers who used radar water level gauge should be very clear about what the purpose of this water level gauge is.


What are the categories in the general application?


A more advanced water level measuring instrument, and the maximum distance measured by this instrument can reach 70m.


Moreover, the antenna is properly optimized, and the new and fast microprocessor can be very effective in signal analysis and processing, so that the instrument can use very complex measurement conditions.


Some instruments are suitable for monitoring the water level of river. So the specific categories of radar level gauge in application area are:


First, since it is called the water level meter, of course, it is used in the water, So the water level of the river, the water level of the open channel in the irrigation area and the tidal level of the sea water are all able to be monitored by ourselves, because the automatic monitoring system has been set up on the instrument so that the operator can operate the instrument.


Second, it can also provide monitoring system for urban water supply, sewage and water level. So monitoring them is very easy. Of course, it can be used to monitor the water level of the pylon well. In the front of the reservoir dam, the monitoring of the downstream water level of the dam is carried out.


Third, the radar water level meter can also be used to achieve early warning of flood water and so on, for these people are very clear, basically every year because of the flood home and flooded places, when the flood situation comes, more people are escaping, but can not master its water level, then even the mountain flood, you can not jump off.


So this radar water level gauge can help us solve many problems about water, so that we can avoid the harm brought by water in the shortest time. And it has been widely applied to some areas, such as water administration, etc. these instruments are necessary.

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