//Types of liquid turbine flow meters Z100TB Zero Instrument China

Types of liquid turbine flow meters Z100TB Zero Instrument China

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2018)
gas turbine flow meter-G-flange Z100TB

The application field of liquid turbine flow meter Z100TB:

Turbine flow meter is a kind of precise flow meter to measure the flow and total amount of non-impurity, non-corrosive liquid. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, scientific research, and other fields.

  1. High accuracy, generally can reach + 1%R, + 0.5%R, high precision can reach + 0.2%R.
  2. Good repeatability, short-term repeatability of up to 0.05% – 0.2% is precisely due to good repeatability, such as regular or online calibration can be extremely accurate, in trade settlement is the preferred flow meter.
  3. Output pulse frequency signal, suitable for total quantity measurement and computer connection, no zero drift, strong anti-interference ability
  4. The range is high, the medium and large caliber can reach 1:20, and the small caliber is 1:10.
  5. Compact and lightweight structure, easy installation and maintenance, large circulation capacity.
  6. It is suitable for high-pressure measurement, and the instrument body is not necessary to open holes.
  7. There are many types of special-purpose sensors, which can be designed according to the special needs of users, such as low-temperature type, bidirectional type, underground type, sand mixing type and so on
  8. It can be made into insertion type, suitable for large caliber measurement, low-pressure loss, low price, can be kept and removed, easy installation and maintenance.
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