//Several points for attention in installation and application of turbine flow meters

Several points for attention in installation and application of turbine flow meters

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2018)
turbine flow meter
  1. Requirements for pipes, the internal diameter of the upstream and downstream piping should same with the turbine flow meter
  2. Requirements for the straight pipe section, The flowmeter must be installed on the pipe (the pipe inclines within 50). When installed, the flowmeter axis should be concentric with the pipe axis, and the flow direction should be different. The upstream pipe length of the flowmeter should be no less than 2 D, and the upstream pipe length should be 20 D, and the downstream pipe length should be 5 D.
  3. Requirements for bypass pipes,  In order to ensure that the normal operation of the medium is not affected when the turbine flowmeter is overhauled, the shutoff valve (globe valve) should be installed on the front and back pipes of the flowmeter, and the bypass pipes should be installed at the same time. Flow control valves should be installed downstream of the flowmeter, and the globe valves installed upstream must be fully opened when the flowmeter is used to prevent unsteady flow in the upstream part of the fluid.
  4. Requirements for the external environment, Flowmeter is best installed indoors, if must be installed outdoors, should use sunscreen, rain protection, lightning protection measures, in order to avoid affecting the service life. Requirements for impurities in the medium: In order to ensure the service life of the turbine flowmeter, a filter should be installed in front of the straight pipe section of the flowmeter.
  5. In front of the turbine flowmeter, debris in the pipeline should be cleaned: debris, welding slag, stone, dust, etc. recommended in the upstream device 5-micron sieve hole filter used to obstruct droplets and sand. When the flowmeter is used, the front valve should be opened slowly, and the rear valve should be opened slowly to avoid the damage of turbine blade caused by the instantaneous air impact. Lubricating oil should be operated according to instructions, usually 2-3 times a year. Turbine over speed due to pressure testing, purging of pipes or exhaust, and turbine operation in reverse flow may damage the flowmeter. So be sure to use the instruction manual.
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