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//Principle of pointer display metal rotor flow meter

Principle of pointer display metal rotor flow meter

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2018)
variable area flow meter

When the measured medium passes through the cone measuring tube from bottom to top, the upper and lower ends of the float generate differential pressure to form an upward force.

When the lifting force of the float is greater than the weight of the float in the fluid, the float rises, the area of the annular gap increases, the flow velocity at the gap drops immediately, the differential pressure on the upper end of the float decreases, and the rising force of the float is reduced, until the lift is equal to the weight of the float in the fluid, and the float is stable at a certain extent. Height. The position of the float corresponds to the size of the measured medium. The magnetic field is built into the float. When the float moves along the medium, the magnetic field changes with the movement of the float.

Main features of the rotor flowmeter manufacturer

1. for small pipe diameter and low flow rate

2. the work is reliable, the maintenance is small, and the life is long

3. not high demand for downstream straight pipe

4. a wide range of flow range 10:1

5. the indication of the local type pointer is close to the linear

6. intelligent indicator with LCD liquid crystal display, can display instantaneous and cumulative flow, and also can output pulse and output alarm.

7. with temperature compensation

8. there are many kinds of forms, such as local type, remote transmission, clamping type, explosion proof and corrosion resistant.

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