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Project Description

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2018)

Welcome to use the new ZERO100PU series ultrasonic flow meter invented up to date, the high function,low price,good reliability,power function,new series products enhanced greatly in the aspects of measurement accuracy,measurement stability,communication protocol,easy to use etc. easy and reliable production line,good conformity of the products that guarantees each instrument reach the best function before leaving factory.

The main board is suitable for any kinds of transducers,including clamp-on type,insertion type,

  • in-line type,standard in-line type and same kinds of transducers from other manufacturers.the pipe parameters and calibration parameters of water meter and in-line pipe are input by manufacturer,users do not need to input any parameter,only need to connect with flow meter to work.

Applied to on-line measure and system monitor for nearly all liquids from petrol chemical,metallurgy,electric power plant,irrigation,city water company, energy monitor fields, realize the functions of measuring and checking of flow velocity,flow rate,accumulation and heat quantity of different liquids,and flow rate on/off,liquids distinguish.

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