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Project Description

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2018)

Clinical Applications:

Abdomen, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics / Neonatology, Superficial structures / Small Organs, Musculoskeletal, Cardiac, etc.


15 inch medical LCD monitor

3 probe connectors

3.5MHz 96 element convex probe (optional)

6.5MHz 96  element cavity probe (optional)

7.5MHz 96 element high frequency linear array probe (optional)

7.5MHz 96 array element rectal probe (optional)

Frequency conversion range:

3.5MHz: 2.0MHz, 2.5MHz, 3.5MHz, 4.0MHz, 5.0MHz

5.0 MHz: 4.0 MHz, 4.5 MHz, 5.0 MHz, 6.5 MHz, 7.0 MHz

6.5MHz: 5.0MHz, 5.5MHz, 6.5MHz, 7.5MHz, 8.5MHz

7.5MHz: 5.5MHz, 6.5MHz, 7.0MHz, 7.5MHz, 9.0MHz

Host Technical Specifications:

Digital Beam Synthesis

Real-time dynamic aperture imaging

Real-time dynamic sound velocity apodization

real-time dynamic launch point by point focus

real-time dynamic reception point by point focus

8-segment digital TGC

Tissue harmonic imaging unit

dynamic digital filtering

image enhancement, line correlation, frame correlation, point correlation, linear interpolation and other image processing techniques