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Project Description

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2018)

LS1206B Propeller Type Current Meter is used to measure hourly average flow velocity on given points. Being light, impact and portable, this instrument applies to rivers, pipelines, irrigation and drainage channels, hydrological investigation, and runoff experiments.

II. Specification

  1. The Rotary Diameter for Propeller: Ф60mm
  2. The Hydraulic Thread Pitch for Propeller: H=120mm
  3. Minimum Velocity: Vo≤06m/s(Normal)


  1. Measuring Range: 0.07~7m/s(Normal)


  1. Operational Depth: 1~1.2m(Wading rod)
  2. Accuracy:unbiased variance: m≤±2%(Normal)



Relative Error:σ≤±5%

  1. Signal: two signals on every rotary
  2. Operational Condition:0~35℃
  3. Continuous Running Time:24h
  4. Wading Rod(additional):

CG16-1 wading rod for open channel: 1600 mm in four sections;

Inner supporting type special wading rod for pipeline

Project Details