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Project Description

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2018)

Flow meter cavity has a pair of meshing gears as the rotor, the two gear and the cavity are respectively composed of a fixed volume, called the standard volume, flow is through the computation within a certain period of time to flow through the standard volume of the number of measurement.

Feature :

Independent of flow state – and fluid flow measurement;

Medium – viscosity heals big, amount of leakage leak out from gear and measurement of spatial gap is smaller, so the measured medium viscosity is bigger, the leakage error you smaller, more favorable for measurement.

The gear flowmeter measurement accuracy, suitable for high viscosity medium flow and measurement, fluid but not suitable for containing solid particles, the need to install filters. If the medium mixed with gas, will cause measurement errors.

The small volume, light weight, running vibration and noise of small, fluid viscosity can be measured up to 10000pa.s. Measurement accuracy is 0.5 grade, 0.2 grade. Wide measuring range up to 50:1

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