//Intelligent Radar Level Meter 6G
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Project Description

(Last Updated On: March 24, 2018)

Antenna system to launch and microwave receiving energy is very low, very short pulse. Radar waves travel with the speed of light.  The running time can be through the electronic components are converted into a signal. Measurement of this special time extension method can realize stable, accurate in a very short period of time.

Even if the condition is very complex, the presence of false echo, with the latest micro-processing technology and debugging software also can analyze the level echo accurately.

  • Application:

6G radar level gauge is suitable for liquid, paste, granule and block material level and non-contact measurement, suitable for changes in temperature, pressure big; there is an inert gas and volatile.

The measurement method of microwave pulse, can work normally in the industrial frequency band range. The beam energy is low, can be installed on all kinds of metal, non-metallic container or pipe, no harm to human body and environment.

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