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Project Description

(Last Updated On: March 24, 2018)

The Measurement  Principle:

Guided wave radar is measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel, the radar waves travel at the speed of light, the running time can be through the electronic components are converted into level signals. Probe a high frequency pulse and along the cable or rod probe propagation, when pulse meets the material surface is reflected back by the receiver instrument within the receiving and the distance signal into a signal.

Part of pulse signal reflection along the cable or rod probe conduction to the instrument of electronic circuit, a microprocessor to signal processing, to identify the microwave pulses are generated on the material surface echo. Echo recognition is completed by the pulse software, from the material surface distance between D and T pulse is proportional to the time travel:


Where C is the speed of light

Because of the air tank is a known distance E, L


By entering the empty tank height E (= zero), the full height of F (= full scale) and some application parameters to set parameters, application will automatically make the instrument to measure the environment. In 4 – 20mA with a corresponding output.

Measuring Range:


H—- Measurement range

L—- The empty tank distance

B—- The top of the blind

E—-Probe into the minimum distance of the tank wall

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