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4D Trolly Color Doppler Ultrasound System ZERO-C80PLUS(V2.1) 2018-03-23T06:11:42+00:00

Project Description

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2018)

Based on windows 7 operating platform, solid-state hard drive data storage, fast switch machine

  1. the display:19’medical monitor(1280*1024)
  1. scanning: convex array / linear array / micro convex
  2. the probe interface: ≥ 4

the probe automatically identify,

support: abdomen, superficial, cavity, convex, phased array, volume, rectum and so on.

4.the user interface: Chinese / English interface (language can be increased)

  1. display mode: B mode (B, B + B, 4B, B + M, M), C mode, PW mode, CW mode, real-time three-dimensional mode (4D), B / C, B / C / PW, B / PW, B + M, M mode: 4 files scanning speed adjustable
  2. electronic focus: four electronic focus
  3. Body markers: ≥ 57 kinds
  4. the transmission frequency: with 2.0MHz, 3.0MHz, 3.5MHz, 4.0MHz, 5.5MHz, 5.0MHz, 6.5MHz, 9.0MHz, 6.0MHz, 7.5MHz, 12.0MHz frequency conversion;