//Measurement detection and fault treatment of Metal Rotor flow meter

Measurement detection and fault treatment of Metal Rotor flow meter

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)
Vertical pointer metal tube flow meter

It adopts variable area measuring principle and is suitable for measuring volume flow of liquid and gas. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment and other complexes, harsh environmental conditions and various media conditions in the flow measurement process

How does the flowmeter measure accurately how to make the metal tube rotameter work normally and achieve the required measurement accuracy, we should pay attention to the following points

  1. The inlet of flow meter should have a straight pipe section over 5 times the length of pipe, and the outlet should have 250mm straight pipe section
  2. Metal Tube rotameter should be added by-pass, convenient troubleshooting and blow-wash does not affect production
  3. The medium contains solid impurities, should be considered in the valve and straight pipe between the installation of filters
  4. The medium contains ferromagnetic material, should be installed a magnetic filter
  5. When the temperature of the tested medium is higher than 220 °C or the temperature of the fluid is too low, it is easy to crystallize
  6. For Gas Measurement, ensure that the pipeline pressure is not less than 5 times the pressure loss flowmeter, so that the float stable work
  7. Pipe flanges, fasteners, gaskets, and flow meter flanges to the same standard to enable the normal operation of the installation
  8. The flow meter in the normal operation of the device, do not need maintenance, failure occurred in the device just started, because the pipeline does not clean, the float is stuck by solid particles phenomenon when the indicator pointer in a position. At this point should first close both sides of the valve flowmeter, and then remove the upper flange, remove the float for cleaning, and then re-installed. Pay attention to tighten the upper flange nut to balance tightening, and pad a good Washer
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