//Electromagnetic flow meters ZERO100E

Electromagnetic flow meters ZERO100E

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2018)

New Advantages compared with other China Suppliers1. Enough qty. of turns’ excitation coils (Pure copper, no Al.), stronger signals, more stable and interference-proof, lower flow range detect (0.3m/s) 2. Truely IP68, can be work under water, even the cavity tube filled with water (Desiccant), still insulated and properly work3. Die-cast Al. shell, stronger and lighter4. Zinc-spray tech. makes long time rust-proof5. Liner Vulcanizing tech. treatment, PTFE/F4/Rubber, Anti-negative pressure, never swell6. Remote control semi-auto tech of welding, ensures the tightness of cavity7. Purely new Teflon/F4/PTFE, not recycled as some manufactures.8. Totally 100% material vertical electrode install (316L/B/C/Ti/Ta/Pt/)9. Accuracy 0.2%, 0.0008 Repeatability (E+H is 0.3/0.0009 on average)Ask me for surprise price !

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