//Causes of inaccurate display value of radar liquid level meter

Causes of inaccurate display value of radar liquid level meter

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2019)

1. See if the power is working

When the radar level of the liquid level to a certain value after the change is very slow, should check the power supply, whether the normal power, whether the normal output after power. When there is no change in the liquid level, it is necessary to check whether the fuse of the equipment is fried, if there is no current output, then there is a problem with the instrument

2.Using rising and falling temperatures

In order to ensure the measurement effect, the internal temperature of the radar level gauge should be less than 50 °C. If the internal temperature exceeds this value, a small amount of wind can be blown to the instrument head, the scientific temperature. Avoid using ice water for cooling, ice water not only can not achieve the role of cooling but also may lead to radar level meter paralysis

3. The display value is not accurate

The inaccuracy of display value is a common problem of radar level gauge, which may be caused by improper initial setting or incorrect connection of plug-in Then to check in detail whether the radar level gauge output current is normal, inspection found that the output current is greater than 22 ma, then is the display module failure. If the output current is less than 3.5 ma, the electronic module is out of order

4. The system displays error messages

When the system often displays error information, need to reset and calibration, the reason is because of data storage process suddenly power failure. If there is no change after reset and re-calibration, the electronic module of the radar level gauge needs to be checked

5. Antenna contamination, crystallization

When the radar level meter due to antenna contamination, crystallization of the failure, the need to clean the antenna, power off, remove the instrument tilt down, wipe with a cloth to remove the attachment, do not scratch with iron, do not bend the antenna, pay attention to handle gently, so as not to damage the ANTENNA’S SKIN

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