//Application of ZERO100E Electromagnetic flow meters

Application of ZERO100E Electromagnetic flow meters

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2018)

Electromagnetic flow meters are sensitive instruments used to measure flow of fluids.  Following the principles of Faraday’s Law of Induction, the meter records the velocity of the fluid across a sensor, and that is sent to a reader.


Electromagnetic flow meters have a variety of uses in many different industries.  In certain industries where potentially toxic or dangerous fluids are concerned, flow meters can project the velocity of the fluids and help maintain the correct flow at safe levels.


Some of the biggest industries that uses electromagnetic flow meters include any industry that deals with water.


In farming, for example, electromagnetic flow meters are used to check pressures in flow across irrigation pipes.  Determining the optimal flow is necessary for safety reasons, in case of bursting, and in cases of determining optimal flow of the water through the pipes.  As irrigation becomes more and more complex, the necessity of knowing the flow is more and more paramount.


The same can be said for wastewater treatment facilities.  Since most wastewater is dangerous, electromagnetic flow meters can be used in a similar fashion to the irrigation principle.  Maximum flow rates can be measured to maximize the flow of the wastewater, and this optimizes the rate at which wastewater can be treated and made drinkable again.


Paper is another area where electromagnetic flow meters are useful.  Paper requires copious amounts of water and determining the optimal flow for the water into the pulp is necessary for safe operation.


Other industries outside of those that use water benefit from electromagnetic flow meters.  The natural gas industry depends on flow meters for pumping gas to homes and businesses.  The meters can also be used in industries that must pipe caustic and acidic fluids use electromagnetic flow meters on a daily basis.  Again, these important instruments keep safety on the forefront.

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