//Installation requirements for Electromagnetic flow meters

Installation requirements for Electromagnetic flow meters

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2018)
Electromagnetic flowmeter with rectangle display
  1. Electromagnetic flowmeters are connected by flanges. The inner diameter of the sealing washer should be slightly larger than the inner diameter of the pipeline to ensure the steady flow of fluid in the pipeline.
  1. Installation should avoid direct sunlight or high ambient temperature, to prevent the excitation coil due to ambient temperature is too high, the occurrence of unacceptable temperature rise leads to insulation performance damage
  1. Electromagnetic flowmeters should be away from strong magnetic field equipment such as large motors, large transformers, and electric welders.
  1. Try to keep away from the corrosive air with ammonia and acid mist. If the site environmental conditions can not be met, when users place orders, Zero Instrument will try to solve the problem
  1. There is no leakage current in the pipe section of the electromagnetic flowmeter, and there should be a good grounding nearby.
  1. The installation of pipelines should ensure that the measuring pipes are always filled with the tested media and prevent the air traffic control.
  1. The electromagnetic flowmeter should not be installed in the pipe section with pressure to prevent the lining material from falling off.
  1. The upstream part of the electromagnetic flowmeter should have a straight pipe section of not less than 5D times the diameter of the pipe.
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